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 Pitbull eye problems

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PostSubject: Pitbull eye problems   Pitbull eye problems Icon_minitimeThu Jun 30, 2011 10:18 pm

Pit Bull Eye Problems
by Serena Styles

Pit bull is a term used to describe various types of bull terriers. Certain breeds classified as pit bulls suffer from genetic eye problems. Other breeds do not inherently suffer from eye problems; however they can suffer from the same common ailments that any canine faces.

General Eye Problems


All three breeds of pit bull terriers are susceptible to general canine eye problems. Corneal ulcers, caused by ocular injury, form within the eye socket or the eye itself. Inflammation and irritation are typically caused when the eye is exposed to irritants such as dust and light chemicals.

Time Frame


When a pit bull's eyes begin showing signs of problems, it is important that action be taken immediately. Eye problems can progress rapidly and a treatable condition can quickly lead to a permanent disfigurement. For irritation, infection and corneal ulcers, the issue is treatable when caught in the early stages; left untreated, all three can cause blindness. Cataracts are usually not treatable, though a close watch should be kept on the dog to ensure that there is no underlying problem being disguised.



Treatment will typically involve a series of eye drops applied to the pit bull's eye several times throughout the day. In the case of irritation, a drop of almond oil or salt water will often rinse the irritant from the eye. In some instances the dog may require surgery to remedy the problem, after which special care must be taken to ensure the eye does not become infected.

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Pitbull eye problems
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